In April of 2021 I went to Sydney in between lockdowns in Melbourne for a series of meetings. 
I'd never photographed Sydney before so I took my Mamiya RZ67 and a bunch of film with me. I think it's a series that reflects the rich colour and beauty of this destination city.
Moon over the opera house_1
Moon over the opera house_2
Taking their saw horse for a walk.
City Patterns_1
I'd finished photographing the opera house, the sun was setting and over the sound of my headphones I could faintly make out the sound of a cello. I noticed a woman sitting on her own playing and singing in the golden hour glow. I didn't want to disturb so I slowly walked in front of her and held up my camera as if to ask permission to photograph. She nodded and I snapped a few shots as the sun set.
After she finished playing I went up and introduced myself and we swapped Instagram details. We were both on our own and decided to continue our conversation over dinner in the restaurant next to the opera house on the harbour. It was perfect weather to be sat outside and I sat in awe of the landmarks that Sydney is known for. It really is a spectacular harbour.
We ate and drank for a few hours and spoke of how we both had ended up in Sydney. As we finished and stood to leave a fireworks display started over the opera house. We stood and watched until it finished and then I walked her back to Circular Quay and we went our seperate ways.
This is why I love travelling, I miss it more than I realise. Thanks to Georgia and her cello.
City patterns_2
Opera sails
Old train yard
"I'm the one who had your baby's eyes"

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